Buy and sell crypto better

Fast and easy access to the largest cryptocurrencies on the market and to all the exclusive currencies created with T.R.I.N.C.I. ® blockchain.

With Synkrony® Exchange, you can safely manage your purchasing, selling, swap and conversion processes in FIAT currency.

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  1. Browse the largest crypto on the market and the assets created with T.R.I.N.C.I.® blockchain
  2. View all related details, data, and communities
  3. Trade in a defi system while retaining full ownership of your assets
  4. Access innovative staking systems to participate in the distribution of platform-generated commissions

More Defi, less fees and 100% of ownership on your assets!

Synkrony® is the first Italian defi exchange granting access to trading tables where users can be their own intermediaries in digital asset exchanges while considerably saving on trading fees.

Unlike other platforms and despite operating without reserves or brokers, Synkrony® guarantees the funds of its users, who will always keep full ownership of their own assets.

No side chains, no custodians

All functionalities on Synkrony® Exchange are run by the native smart contracts of a public, dedicated blockchain and powered by T.R.I.N.C.I.®.

The users' wallets are stored in the public chain, access to which is guaranteed by 4rya, a sovereign digital identity provider authenticating you in a unique and incontrovertible way without communicating with any server. Using theElliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm, the wallet key creation procedure takes place offline on the device of the user, who will always remain the only owner.

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Bid, sell or buy: the Order book

The disintermediated services of Synkrony® Exchange are guaranteed by its smart contract-based order book.

This allows you to sell or buy digital assets directly from other users in the ecosystem.


Participate in the distribution of Synkrony® Exchange commissions by purchasing SynCoin!

SynCoin is the native cryptocurrency of the Synkrony® circuit that entitles investors to participate in the distribution of fees derived from Exchange transactions. 

These rights will be allocated to SynCoin holders in percentage proportion to the amount held in stakes and following specific distribution logics dictated by the POP consensus algorithm: Proof Of Play

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Want to list your coin on Synkrony® Exchange?

Synkrony® Exchange offers a simple, easy-to-use listing procedure not only for all projects created with T.R.I.N.C.I. ® blockchain, but also for external projects involving existing tokens on the market.


If you want to sell a certain amount of crypto in exchange for FIAT currency, you can simply place your bid on the order book. In this way, all users interested in buying that crypto in FIAT currency will be able to view the offer, accept it or suggest a new one. Whenever an offer matches the demand, the system will complete the transaction without any central intermediation.

Creating your own wallet on Synkrony® Exchange requires the digital identity provider 4rya. 4rya is a smart contract that allows for the authentication of human and digital users in T.R.I.N.C.I. ®, as well as in all applications implemented with this technology. The wallet opening procedure takes place offline without communicating with any server and directly on your device, which makes you the only owner of the access keys. Few simple steps on 4rya allow you to create your ID, after which you are simply required a username and a password so that the digital identity provider can reconstruct the pair of access keys. All this by maintaining a top security level. 

Synkrony® Exchange is a defi system where conversions between digital and FIAT currency are handled independently by the exchange smart contracts and especially by the order book ecosystem. The way in which the order book works is very intuitive and allows you to place specific requests, such as that to exchange a certain number of bitcoins for euros. When placing an offer, you will be the one to decide the amount in euro that you are willing to accept for a certain number of bitcoins. Such offer will be then published on the order book for consultation by all those users interested in exchanging euros for bitcoins at that same moment. Just like in a free market, the transaction will take place when the offer matches the demand.

Whenever you want to use the trading services of Synkrony® Exchange you must load your wallet in FIAT currency by card or bank transfer and proceed with the purchase of the digital assets on the platform. Once completed trading transactions and once that the digital assets are reconverted into Fiat currency through the order book, it will be possible to withdraw it so as to credit the funds to the account via wire transfer.

When using the Synkrony digital account, procedures to withdraw are going to be faster and more convenient.

Yes, you can buy bitcoins on Synkrony Exchange and then transfer them to the Bitcoin public chain. The procedure for asset transfer outside of the exchange is extremely accessible through the action component on the main dashboard: just select the type of asset you want to transfer, then transfer to the public chain and follow the guided procedure.

Synkrony ha una serie di accordi bancari per la custodia dei valori a cura di banche commerciali

Synkrony Pay fornisce a tutti i merchant informazioni su ogni modifica dello stato dei loro incassi (pagato, in attesa, non riuscito, scaduto).